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Our Mission

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CHOICE envisons a society in which every person is empowered to change and make his or her own choices to lead his or her life positively. In context of HIV/AIDS prevention and care, this means that people choose to change their risk behaviour; such as making a choice to use condoms. Every member of a society should not be treated as a possive beneficiary without any choice, but an active change agent who can make a choice for his or her better future.

Our values

CHOICE values the importance of human rights, gender equiality and people fs partcipation in social change. We also build on the faith that social change is possible only through positive behavioural changes and active participation of each person. Therefore, we believe that our programs should be:
A rights-based approach:

Since human rights is meant to be equally applicable to everyone, everywhere in the world, across all borders and across all cultures and religions, we make human rights an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our programs.
We believe that everyone has the right to access correct information and services he or she needs, including people living with HIV/AIDS. Our work stands on the principle that those with HIV/AIDS have the right to access care, treatment, and appropriate health and social services and be treated with equal dignity and respect without discrimination against.

A gender sensitive approach:

HIV/AIDS is a gender issue because men and women are vulnerable in different ways and its vulnerability is infulenced by the interaction of a wide range of personal and social factors, including power balance between gender. In worldwide, teenage girls are infected with HIV 5 times more than boys and women in early 20 fs are 3 times more than men.
We promote gender equality and address gender norms and relatios to reduce the vulnerability of women and girls through mainstreaming gender issues in our programs.

A participatory approach:

We regard ourselves as an implementing agency which plays a facilitator fs role in community mobilization and sensitization. We recognize that every phase of our programs should be people-centered and respond to people fs need. Therefore, involvement of every stakeholder, including people living with HIV/AIDS in designing and implementing programs is crucial to the success of our project. This strategy would bring a sense of ownership among the project beneficiaries and would help for sustainability of the project.

The mission of CHOICE:

HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHOICE) is to provide awareness of HIV/AIDS and reduce the incidence of HIV among Tibetan refugees living in India. We initiate a holistic and comprehensive HIV/AIDS programs by implementing a rights-based, gender-sensitive and participatory approach for prevention education and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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