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Objectives and Activities

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Our objectives

1. To reduce the incidence of HIV in the Tibetan refugee community in India

2. To improve the health and quality of life of infected and high-risk uninfected persons

2. Our purpose

The purpose of CHOICE is to provide awareness and reduce the incidence of HIV among the 83,000 Tibetan refugees living in 35 settlements in India by implementing a rights-based, gender-sensitive and participatory approach to prevention education, and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our activities

PHASE 1: Training and Situation Assessment Program

A 12-months training and situation assessment program will be implemented. This program will include a training session for the board members and staff of CHOICE, and a comprehensive community analysis to assess the behavioral risks of HIV among the Tibetan communities. The research will involve a three-month community-based behavioral surveillance survey looking into the risk behaviors that transmit HIV, and the cultural, institutional and structural factors that drive risk behaviors in the Tibetan population.

Prevention and Education Intervention Program

A 24-months behavioral intervention program will be implemented. This program will be focused on reducing the incidence of HIV among the target population. The program has two principal components: a) dissemination of behavior change messages regarding prevention of HIV transmission and b) promotion of condom use.

Treatment and Care Program

A 12-months treatment and care program will be implemented. This program will involve close coordination with Delek Hospital and Department of Health of TGiE, including its TB clinic, existing HIV testing service and Reproductive Health programs.

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