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Tibetan Children's Fund (TCF), a non-profit organization registered and based in the Netherlands, is generously supporting seven children of HIV/AIDS parents. TCF’s main goal is to provide scholarship to children whose parents are not able to support their education. TCF is currently providing scholarship to 47 Tibetan children.



The Tibetan community of Netherland (‘Stichting Tibetaanse Gemeenschap Nederland’ in Dutch) is a non-profit organization, with the main goal to save Tibetan unique culture and environment. Tibetan Community of Netherland also hope to help Tibetans in Tibet through continuing education, health care and social awareness to resolve the hardships of Tibetan"s in need.

Besides their regular activities the Tibetan Community of Netherland adopted 8 different individuals/families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by providing financial support to cover extra medical expenses and for supplementary diet commencing April 2011.

CHOICE—HIV/AIDS Initiative would like to thank Mr. Norbu Dhondup la for his compassionate gesture and true practice of Buddhism in help finding sponsor for the needy HIV patients.



STG website:



Mr. Tsering chomphel is a young entrepreneur who owns Wind—Horse Tours & Travel in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala, H.P India. It is Mr. Choephel’s keen interest to contribute towards the socio-economic aspects of Tibetan community that he decided to sponsor a child from HIV parents by contributing Rs. 1,000/month towards the child’s education. He believes it is a step in the right direction in doing his part.

We at CHOICE are thankful to him for his thoughtful contribution in supporting child for one year, i.e, May 2010 to May 2011.



Ms. Tenzin Tsering alumni of SOS TCV school Bylakuppee, South India until she moved to Minneapolis, MN in 1998. She is currently living in Madison, WI. Ms. Tsering is adventurous in nature and loves travelling. She was acquainted with and later involved in CHOICE’s Adopt HIV Family program through her friend Ms. Tenzin Dhardon Sharling.

She said “The work that the CHOICE program is doing to help fellow Tibetans living with HIV is very noble and I believe in their cause. My hope is that through their work, the stigma associated with HIV patient that exist in our community will be removed.  To know that only a tiny fraction of my income is all it takes to help someone greatly is comforting”.


Ms. Tenzin Dhardon Sharling: An alumnus of TCV Schools and with bachelors in English Literature and a Masters in Communication studies from Madras University, Dhardon was bestowed with the prestigious Sir Tom Farmer fellowship to hone her educational pursuit in MSc Counselling studies from the prestigious University of Edinburgh. Prior to embarking on her further studies, she worked for a year (2005-2006) at TWA as the researcher and she now relishes it as tuning to destiny's call to have resumed on the job as the researcher and media personnel (English). Editor of umpteen numbers of journals right through her school to college to professional front, she also won accolades and prizes for her eloquences in debating and compeering. She was the president of Rani Hostel, Ethiraj College (2003), and in 2005 she was the entertainment secretary of Madras Christian College and P.R.O for Tibetan Students Association Madras (TSAM). She also worked as the assistant editor for Tibet Today (english magazine). She is on the steering committee of International Tibet Network (ITN). Her maxim in life is to seek, strive and struggle and to never yield.

While contributing herself to the cause of Tibet through different channel Ms. Dhardon also made commitment in supporting a child who’s both the parent are sero-positive by sponsoring the kid with Rupees 1,100 a month since 2010.




Ron Bertrandis an alumnus of University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and living in Midwestern US. Ron is currently working in Madison, WI at American Family Insurance as an actuarial analyst.  Ron likes playing music and travelling during spare time. It is Ron’s kindheartedness that he adopted a Tibetan Family Living with HIV/AIDS by providing financial assistance to support extra nutritional diet and medication.


In Ron Bertrand words “I donate to Choice-HIV/AIDS because I know each donation has a full, immediate impact”.





Words from Pema Yoko SFT UK:

After having discussions with a few friends on social issues, stigma and discrimination around AIDS within the Tibetan community, I decided to google it! …and that’s how I met Choice! So I read through the information and wrote to them to see how i could help and learn more. I met Phunstok la the Director and Lobsang Yeshi la Member of Parliament/ Board Member of CHOICE, who is volunteering with choice in a big way, both were very passionate on the issue and after speaking with them I could see why.

Like in many countries HIV and Aids are rarely discussed and there is a huge lack of education and stigma that goes with it. AIDS in the Tibetan community in India is rising, and the negative attitudes by the person with aids or without are causing great harm to the wider community. A couple of years ago in Mundgod  Tibetan Settlement 10 people were dying in a year from HIV and AIDS, but with Choice's India Tour to educate, offer free testing and medical advice, the death toll decreased to 3 last year.

It is time to educate our self, open our arms, offer our friendship and help those in needs. HIV/AIDS victims often don't get tested or receive medical help because they feel ashamed. Without the medical care and the proper advice they become drastically sick and their life expectancy is shortened. So let’s not make them feel segregated or humiliated.

While in India I met with Passang Tenpa, he is 31 years old with AIDS and no family or money to support him. He was very fragile and week when i met him and during the time I was in India he was in and out of hospital due to deteriorating health, but I'm hoping with my sponsorship and the free healthcare provided he can live a pro-longed and healthier life.



Ms. Sonam Dolkar



Sara Cowan