Basics of HIV/AIDS

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What is AIDS?

A - stand for Acquired: You are exposed to HIV and get infected. The HIV has to enter your blood stream to infect you.

I - stand for Immuno: This is the part of our body that fights diseases and infections. HIV weakens your immune system.

D - stand for Deficiency: It causes a deficiency in our immune sustem where the body can no longer fight diseases properly.

S - stand for Syndrome: The AIDS syndrome occurs when you have tested positive for HIV antibodies and you have at least on opportunistic infections. only doctor can diagnose that disease AIDS.

There for AIDS or the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - is a disease you get when HIV destroys your body immune system. Normally, your immune system helps you fight off illness. When your immune system fails you can become very sick and can die.

What is HIV ?

H - stand for Human:
Only humans can get it. Insects or any other kinds of animal do not carry it. It need the human body to live.

I - stand for Immunodeficiency: The Immune System is that part of our body that fights diseases and infections. Deficiency mean not working properly. HIV breaks down the immune system so ti does not work properly and the body is not able to fight off disease and infection.

V - stand for Virus: A virus is an external tiny being that sometimes replicates (makes copies of itself) by taking over human cell (CD4 cell) and turning them into virus factory.

There for HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus - is a virus that kills your body "CD4 cells." CD4 cells (also called T-helper cells) help your body fight off infection and disease. HIV can be passed from person to person if someone with HIV infection has sex with or shares drug injection needles with another person. It also can be passed from a mother to her baby when she is pregnant, when she delivers the baby, or if she breast-feeds her baby.
HIV is not same as AIDS...........

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