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How to use Female Condom?

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The open covers the area around the opening of the vagina. The inner right is used for insertion, and to help hold the condom in place.  Hold the sheath, Hold inner ring between thumb and middle finger. Squeeze. Insert the inner right the vagina.



How to use Male Condom?

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Instruction for use:  Use Latex Condoms,  Check the expiry date, Heat and friction can damage condoms. Open the condom package carefully to avoid tearing.


Some Common STIs

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1. Chlamydia: What to Watch For * Symptoms show up 7-28 days after having sex. Most women and some men have no symptom.


Guide to Safe Sex

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Safe sex (also called safer sex or protected sex) is a set of practices that are designed to reduce the risk of infection during sexual intercourse to avoid developing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Conversely, unsafe sex refers to engaging in sexual intercourse without the use of any barrier contraception or other preventive measures against STDs.


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